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TEDxKazimierz 2017 was a full-day event on 22nd April in the Variété Theatre Kraków, with the theme of “Inspiration”. All our team members and speakers worked for free as volunteers.

Notable moments were when Alina Malocha, a teacher from Rabka, and some of her pupils, received a standing ovation for their talk, when 8 year old Marianna Pawlik played her violin, and when YouTube star MC Silk, who has more than 10 million views of his “Rap Nobody Faster than Rap God (Eminem)” video, was interviewed on stage.

The event was oversubscribed, as usual, with 380 tickets sold at cost to pay for catering, plus another 40-50 people at the event as team members, speakers, sponsors, technical crew and volunteers. The audience was curated in the sense that each person who applied had to say why they deserved a ticket.

It was very highly rated both by verbal feedback during the day and in the independent NPS survey sent out by TED and not controlled by TEDxKazimierz.

Apart from the talks, we had laughter yoga, warm-up activities, icebreakers, a live pianist in the lobby, a “Before I Die” wall and a “TEDxKazimierz Community Notice Board”, UV face-painting, a photo wall, a TEDxKazimierz Fingerprint Tree, workshops on hula hoop and drama, magicians, live simultaneous interpretation and a video stream of the conference.


Alina Małocha

Teacher doing a TEDx in her school

Alina Małocha, a teacher trainer and a secondary school teacher of English with 20 years of teaching experience. Studied at Teacher Training College in Zakopane and University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań, at the Faculty of English, majored in Methodology of TEFL.

Anna Kosińska

Manager of ADAMED SmartUP programme

The SmartUP Program is for motivated and talented youth. It seeks especially aspiring professionals with revolutionary mentalities and also those with exceptional teamwork skills.

Ashley Deppeler

Stand-up comedian and community organiser

After hearing my talk, I want people to consider putting their hand up for something and to get that exciting feeling of stepping off the ledge with an idea that they feel inspired by!

Brooke Allen

Ex-Wall Street executive, hedge fund manager

He puts ideas into words and code, and sometimes into action. His purpose: is to act so as to earn the gratitude of generations as yet unborn and his creed is to care.

Daniel Ciupryk

MC Silk

He is one of Poland’s Youtube sensations. In his smash hit “Rap Nobody faster than Rap God (Eminem”), MC Silk raps in 7 languages! It has been viewed more than 9 million times. He argues that talent and ability are more important than fame. MC Silk has also rapped to raise awareness of Polskie Towarzystwo Kardiologiczne (Polish Cardiological Society). He builds his artistic career, despite severe health problems of his own.

Dawid Ostręga

Business leader

Dawid is a seasoned leader with over two decades of experience. With successes he built from ground up Polish branches of EPAM, SolarWinds and Vizent Digital. Additionally lead major projects for IBM, iLoop and Medical Marketing Studies Inc. on both sides of the Atlantic. Currently CEO of SKK S.A.

Don Allen

British actor, film director and producer

Expect Allen’s TEDxKazimierz speech to fuse his acting background and the experience of launching a new venture into a compelling call to action.

dr Agnieszka Wilczyńska

Heroic Imagination

At TEDxKazimierz Dr Agnieszka Wilczynska will tell us about many local and international projects, which she is involved, primarily in the “Heroic Imagination Project” that is executed in Poland in collaboration with Prof. Philip Zimbardo.

Jamie Miles

Head of FinTech at Onfido

Jamie’s message to TEDxKazimierz is to ask whether lessons, wisdom and principles in our culture — from Plato to Pokémon – can inspire people to tackle the hardest and most important questions like, ‘How do I live a fulfilling life?’ or ‘What should I do for a career?’

Julia Chojnacka

Co-founder of the Regional Volunteer Centre in Kraków

Co-founder and President of Regional Volunteer Center in Krakow. Coordinator of numerous social projects. She trains and deals with counseling in the areas of volunteer management in organizations, setting up and running School Volunteer Clubs, teaches legal aspects of volunteering. She has many years of experience working with children and youth. She is a philologist and teaches Polish foreigners on an everyday basis.

Jurand Masłowski

Personal trainer and dietician

Karin Lesiak

Laughter Yoga teacher

Karin is a professoinal laugh Yoga Trainer, who graduated from the Laughter Yoga International Uniwersity dr Madana Katarii She does workshops with many foundations, associations and businesses, She supports all who believe in John Cleese’s saying „People who laugh together, work better together”.

Marianna Pazhik

Piotr Libelt

Pianist and musician

Piotr Libelt is providing piano entertainment for TEDxKazimierz in the breaks. Piotr is fully focused on developing his musical talents. He plays professionally in clubs in Krakow and currently he is working on his own music project. While he recently decided to join Cracow School of Jazz he regards himself as self-taught.

Wioleta Więckowska

Disability rights activist

Wioleta says about herself that she is positively twisted with a head full of ideas, a little bit crazy and eternally has a pleasant smile on her face.

Zbigniew and Magda Marzec

Church for the City of Krakow

Pastor, youth worker, entrepreneur, actively involved in the local community.



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